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Sliding mixer SB-1000 for preparation of molding sands in foundry

Product code: СБ-1000


Иконка локации
Ukraine, Киев
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Иконка локации
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Commercial offer

The slide mixer is designed for the preparation of molding sands in the foundry industry. Its design allows it to be used in other technologies where various bulk materials are mixed.

In this mixer, using the sliders, not only mixing but also grinding of the mixed material with a hardness of up to 3 units on the Mohs scale occurs.

Design and principle of operation of the Tumbling mixer

The base of the runners is a steel bowl resting on racks. An electric motor, a cylindrical gearbox and an angular gearbox are located under the bowl.

A stand is mounted in the center of the bowl, which carries the bearings of the vertical shaft. On the top of the shaft is a traverse to which the levers carrying the rollers are attached.

Blender works like this

The material to be mixed is loaded into the mixer bowl. Additional ingredients or water are also added to the bowl. During the operation of the mixer, the material falls under the rollers and due to the weight of the rollers, the processed material is destroyed. In addition, during their movement, the rollers also turn around a vertical axis, which leads to grinding of the material along the plane of the mixer bottom. The mixer blades are positioned to scoop up loose material from the inside and outside of the mixer bowl, directing it under the rollers, thereby contributing to better mixing of the material. The material mixing process takes 3 - 10 minutes.

In each case, the mixing time is determined in practice.

After the grinding (mixing) time has elapsed, the gate opens and the finished mixture is discharged from the mixer.

The mixer is very practical for preparing a working mixture when pressing charcoal and carbon black (pyrocarbon).

Technical Characteristics:
Manufacturer country:
1,5 тонны/час (по песку, глине)
Number of rollers:
2 шт.
Диаметр барабана:
1000 мм
Drum volume:
загрузка материала 235 литров
The total pressure of the rollers on the mixture:
от 180 до 360 кг
Vertical shaft rotation speed:
35 - 45 об/мин.
Engine power:
5,5 кВт
Overall dimensions (LxWxH):
1665 х 1020 х 1588 мм
1040 кг
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