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Feed mixer SK-1500


ТОВ Лаврин

Иконка локации
Украина, Днепр
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ТОВ Лаврин

Иконка локации
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Mixer hopper volume: 1.4 m3
Engine power, kW 7.5

The horizontal mixer is designed to mix various types of raw materials in order to obtain highly concentrated mixtures with a uniformity of mixing components up to 96% in a short time. The short mixing time of the components allows you to get from 3 to 6 batches of the finished product in one hour. Unloading time 3 - 6 minutes. When additionally equipped with nozzles, it is possible to introduce liquid components (for example, vitamin supplements BMVK, BMVD, etc.) up to 16% .

1. For obtaining feed mixtures, compound feed mixtures.
2. For mixing wet, dry, viscous components.
3. For the preparation of mixtures of high mixing uniformity.
4. For mixing spices, flour, crushed straw, hay and other ingredients that are difficult to mix.
5. For complete sets of granulation lines.

1. Paddle mixer assembly.
2. Operation manual.
* It is possible to complete with loading and unloading screw feeders, scales.

Work order:
The empty mixer turns on. All components, including wet, viscous and liquids, are fed into the mixer, the components are thoroughly mixed for 4-6 minutes. The latch opens. The mixture is poured down due to the correct design of the mixer spirals. The cycle of loading, mixing and unloading is no more than 15 minutes. The homogeneity of mixing in this case is 96%. The unloading of mixed raw materials is carried out in the center, which allows it to be equipped with a screw feeder for unloading. A horizontal spiral mixer will help saturate the feed with useful additives, balance the diet of animals, and ensure the growth of healthy livestock and poultry.

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