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Family Lunch Box with cutlery 1200 ml. Sudok or Container of excellent quality



Иконка локации
Ukraine, Киев
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Advertisement created: 08-03-2023 (07:03)
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Иконка локации
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Commercial offer

A lunch box is a convenient and compact container for storing and transporting food, which is designed for a snack outside the home or office. This lunch box has several compartments that allow you to place various dishes and snacks in the same container, as well as an additional removable puddle.

This Lunch Box is ideal for busy people who want a quick and convenient snack during the day without having to look for a cafe or restaurant. It is also an excellent choice for health and nutrition conscious people, as it allows you to control portion sizes and nutritional supplements.

This lunch box has an excellent design and is made of strong and durable food-grade plastic that is approved for heating in microwave ovens or for freezing. It is also equipped with a convenient lid and locks to ensure the safe storage and transport of food. The set includes a Fork and a Spoon.

This is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to eat healthy and tasty food outside the home. It offers convenience and functionality, and saves time and money that could otherwise be spent on eating in a restaurant.

Delivery in Ukraine is possible by Nova Poshta or UkrPoshta to any city in Ukraine.

Technical Characteristics:
Manufacturer country:
Китай (но высокого качества)
Пищевой полипропилен + Силикон
1200 мл.
Construction type:
Многокамерная, герметичная, наличие ручек, приборов
Overall dimensions (LxWxH):
21,5 x 14,7 x 8,7 см
3 месяца
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