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Ultrasonic repeller of rats, mice and other rodents GALS-1000



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Ukraine, Киев
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Иконка локации
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Commercial offer

Gals-1000 - ultrasonic repeller from mice and rats.

Works in residential (apartments, houses), industrial (warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, granaries, elevators), household (sheds, cellars, chicken coops, pigsties) premises. Drives mice and rats out of the room with ultrasound.

The area of ​​action is 1000 sq.m. It has a precise effect on the body of rodents (which are mice and rats).

Harmless to humans, pets and pets.

How Gals-1000 works

Ultrasonic waves propagate throughout the room, filling all the space and cracks. Ultrasound causes severe pain in rodents, they lose their appetite and orientation in space. Experiencing difficulty with digestion. Within a few days of operation of the device, the pain threshold for pests will reach a maximum and they will have no choice but to leave the room to avoid constant ultrasonic pressure.

The term of care depends on some factors: the time of year, the peculiarity of the room, the number of individuals. On average, results are visible within 3-10 days.

We recommend turning on the device for a long time from two weeks. Location - at a height of 1-1.5 meters from the floor.

The repeller is harmless to humans, does not affect pets.

The device is made in Ukraine (Nikolaev). You need to install at a height of 1-1.5 meters from the floor. For convenience, you can nail it to the wall using fasteners (included) or simply put it on a rack, table.

Characteristics of the Rodent Repeller Gals-1000:

Protection area: 1000 m²
Manufacturer: Ukraine
Oscillation frequency: 18-70 kHz
Number of modes: 1
Sound pressure level: 119 dB
Power supply: mains 220 V
Temperature range: -40 +80
Country of manufacture: Ukraine.
Repelling method: ultrasound (2 emitters)
Dimensions: 15x11x7 cm
The Hals-1000 ultrasonic repeller meets the technical specifications of DSTU No. 60335, 55014, 61000 and is recognized as serviceable

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