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Промышленное оборудование / Пищевое оборудование /

Cherry pitting machine KV-250



Иконка локации
Україна, Харьков
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Иконка локации
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Commercial offer

The KV-250 pitting machine (manufactured by Spektrum) is designed to extract pits from fresh berries, mainly from cherries, skewers, sweet cherries.

Productivity - from 200 to 300 kg of loaded raw materials per hour (depending on the size of the fruit). Or about 720 processed berries per minute.

The drive is a 0.2 kW electric motor.

Recommended for operation in small and medium-sized businesses, in farms.

Advantages of a stone-cutting machine (machine)

  • The device is serviced by one operator.

How it works

  • Raw materials (berries) are fed into the loading tray (1).
  • The berries fall into the cells of the drum (2).
  • When the punches (3) are lowered, the pits are removed from the fruit and fall into the chute (4), along which they roll down into the receiving container.
  • The pitted berries roll down the chute (5).
  • The punches (3) are driven by an Italian geared motor (6).
  • An emergency button (7) is provided for an emergency stop of the equipment.
  • The juice from the chute (5) also flows out, which is formed during the processing of berries, it can be collected in a separate container.

Requirements for raw materials:

  • ripe berries, free of stalk, debris, leaves, etc.
  • Berry diameter from 15 to 25 mm.
  • It is advisable to wash before loading.
  • The unit is not intended for processing rotten, defective (grown), damaged, too small berries.

The price of a pitting machine is from the manufacturer (Spectrum company).


When developing the unit, great attention was paid to safety issues.

The maintenance-free asynchronous motor is provided with grounding and double degree of electrical insulation.

All moving parts are protected.

An anti-breakage mechanism is provided in case of jamming of the bones.

A small amount of juice and seeds are obtained as by-products.

All products received may be further processed.

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